Process Excellence program developmentProcess Excellence program development
Many organizations simply “do projects” or hire “experts” that focus on tools, failing to maximize long-term impact. The Opus model ensures that both the technical and cultural aspects of process improvement are addressed. Whether you are new to organized process improvement and need to develop a road map or simply need help revitalizing an existing program, Opus can help design a customized plan that will maximize both the short-term and long-term value of your Process Excellence efforts, enabling you to sustain and grow.

Process Excellence program developmentAssessment: Full organization, department, or value stream
Assessments define the potential for improvement and establish a business case for change. At the organizational level or a single department, Assessments are an independent, data-driven evaluation of the current state. The result is a customized roadmap for change that includes expected improvements, resources/timing required to achieve those improvements, and a data-driven understanding of ROI.

Transformational projectsTransformational projects
Transformational projects rebuild entire segments of key value streams. Rather than isolated improvements, we address flow of staff, patients, materials, and information as a cohesive system. These projects typically include formation of a full-time team onsite tasked with changing both the work processes and underlying culture. Over the course of 8 to 16 weeks, we measure, innovate, and implement the necessary changes, delivering tangible results while giving your staff and management skills for sustaining and ongoing improvement.

Facility designFacility design for new construction or renovation
When considering a renovation or creating entirely new space, Opus clients minimize costs while maximizing capacity, efficiency, and utility of the space. Lean Design can be done as a stand-alone program or incorporated into a transformational project that changes today’s behaviors in preparation for the future. Either way, Opus changes the typical dynamic by reversing the traditional roles of users and experts. Opus provides tools and structure that allow users to design their space and work processes for the future.

rapid_improvmentRapid improvement events
Similar to transformational projects, rapid improvement events are smaller in scale and tend to focus on a single process or step. Duration is generally measured in days and scope is often focused on refinements within a value stream where a stable foundation and culture have already been established.

Our experts provide independent progress checks, evaluating current performance metrics and improvement initiatives. Audits go beyond the tactical, including culture and strategy. Audits provide accountability and support your continuing drive towards excellence.

workshopsWorkshops, Training, and Certification
Creating a culture where excellence becomes the standard requires best-in-class training for staff and management. Our internationally sought-after trainers offer a library of proven programs and workshops or Opus can custom design a program to fit your need.

coaching Coaching and facilitation
Every organization benefits from periodically having an outside influence who can see past internal paradigms and support development of new ideas. We provide one-on-one or small team coaching and facilitation to help your team reach new levels of performance. This customized support may include onsite and remote elements.