Surgical Services





Decades of experience implementing Operating Room performance excellence

Building on a decade of driving transformational change in Surgical Services, Opus Solutions is launching a newly configured suite of services with hospitals’ bottom lines in mind. One example: a new technology+process collaboration to prevent lost instruments, reducing spend by 50% or more. Learn more about our Surgical Services offering today with a risk-free, one-hour phone consultation with an Opus managing partner.

  • On-time case starts
  • Efficient room turns
  • Costly/complex supplies
  • Physician and staff satisfaction
  • Space utilization
  • Capacity
  • Timely & reliable sterile processing
Surgical Services is a complex network of people and processes. The experts at Opus Solutions understand the nuances and how to help all the pieces come together in unison.


Opus has built a track record of reducing barriers so surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, techs, and supporting staff can do great work as a true team.


When it comes to raising the bar of excellence for first case starts, room turns, having tools and supplies where and when needed, sterile instrument processing, or the underlying culture within a perioperative organization — Opus Solutions can help achieve new levels of excellence.


  • 50% reduction in patient prep time
  • 96% on time first case starts
  • 50% improvement in
    close to cut room turns
  • 83% reduction in cancellations
  • 70% reduction in billing errors
  • 70% reduction in
    sterile processing errors
  • 54% reduction in
    sterile processing turnaround time
  • 156% increase in
    inpatients ready for surgery
  • 90% fewer defects
    than industry standard


We are beating all of the benchmarks. We are better at improving now than ever before. Now we have a high level of understanding and skill and we can do so much more.

-Derek W., Program Manager, Kingston General Hospital (Surgical 1)

Opus Approach

Imagine a world where today’s headaches are gone – we can help you get there! By addressing the underlying root causes, we help you and your team systematically improve the reliability of your key processes. Patient flow, staff flows, supply flows, and instrument flows all overlap. We help to prioritize the opportunities, put together a well-constructed plan, and solve the real issues that get in your way, all while we train your team in structured problem solving and change management techniques for driving ongoing improvement.