Culture of Excellence




Most organizations aspire to excellence, but struggle to have a robust and repeatable delivery model to reach their goals. Marketing slogans and top-down management systems often fail to deliver the detailed work processes that foster true continuous improvement. Empowering front line staff, while connecting them directly to leadership, enables and facilitates genuine lasting change. Opus brings a collaborative problem-solving approach that produces dramatic and sustainable shifts in performance and culture.

  • Establish an environment where everyone “owns” the quest for quality, efficiency & improvement.
  • Magnify the importance of making decisions based on data and deliberate analysis.
  • Maximize satisfaction levels for patient, family and providers.
  • Develop and advance the capabilities of staff and leadership.
  • Create processes
    for sustainable advancement.
  • Staff spending more time at bedside; more value-added time with patients
  • Care providers “re-discovering”
    their compassion
  • Compression of training time
    for new hires by 54%
    (from 3 months to 6 weeks)
  • 50% fewer TSR positions due to co-location and cross-training
  • 120% increase in staff saying “teamwork is encouraged”
  • 37% increase in staff saying “management is approachable”
  • 67% increase in staff saying “suggestions are openly encouraged”
  • 63% increase in staff saying “I am valued and my input is important”
  • Creating new habits for data-driven decision-making
  • Cross-department sharing
  • Perspective-building for other people’s work and the overall system


You empowered people within the system to change the system. People have become very comfortable looking at data, asking questions, making decisions. I’m ecstatic. This is a mechanism to develop our future leaders, letting employees know they really can control their environment.

-Dick W., CEO, Redington Fairview General Hospital

Opus Strategies & Programs

culture_of_excellence-insetNew outcomes require new behaviors. Opus Solutions helps people look at and talk about their work in new, innovative ways. This process includes assessing opportunities, building the case for change, engaging frontline staff in root-cause analysis that drives improvement, and establishing systems for sustainability and ongoing improvement. The results speak for themselves: people once again feel engaged and passionate about their work; data and analysis become the baseline for decision-making; patient satisfaction trends higher as providers establish a “team” mindset for success. In the words of the age-old adage: “Teach people to fish.”