Solutions for Higher Quality and Increased Revenue

“We Need More Space!”

Most ORs have untapped capacity and potential revenue locked up in inefficient work practices. Here are 4 ways to create new capacity and grow revenue before you consider adding space or people.

1. Consistent on-time starts mean fewer bumped cases, more add-on capacity, and reduced overtime.


2. Efficient and standardized room turns can add several cases per day in a typical OR.


3. Organizing inventory and mobile equipment can free up 10% or more of existing space and reduce operator time spent searching and leaving the room.


4. Improving flexibility of rooms unlocks hidden capacity.


Easy to Say, Hard to Do – Opus Solutions can help!

While these concepts sound simple, there is a lot of work in the details. And even the best solutions often require expert change management to become reality. We have over twenty years of experience helping clients make these changes come to life. We can help you unlock underutilized and wasted space!

1st Step: Opus Assessment

  • Customized analysis of current operations
  • Prioritized opportunities and expected impact
  • Road map for moving forward into implementation
2nd Step: We Work With You To Implement

  • Expert change management
  • On-site project manager and change leader
  • Implementation coupled with training and sustainability plan to ensure long-term success

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