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Are room turns limiting your revenue, adding cost, and frustrating your team?


Does this walk pattern of a Nurse performing a room turn surprise you? Unfortunately, all too many people can identify with this and the painful consequences.

We see a lot of different room turn practices and have helped our clients improve dramatically. A good room turn is like a work of art. A lot of detail and skill go into creating a reliable system. Below are a few of the many factors that come together to create room turns that will wow you with speed, safety, and quality.

Improving Room Turns

1. Supplies: What you need, when and where you need them

  • Are supplies in the right location, in correct amounts? Too much can be as bad as too little – carefully designed and managed inventory is a cornerstone of efficient room turns.
  • Interruptions created by searching and transport of supplies and equipment add precious minutes that can cripple productivity.

2. Process: Right person, right place, right time

  • Roles and responsibilities must be clear, coordinated, and detailed.
    Standardize best practices for all roles – find and train “the one best way”.
  • “Helping” is often code for chaos, leading to duplication, waiting, and errors. The key is well choreographed teamwork, where each person has specific tasks that are synchronized to ensure success.

3. Communication

  • Align expectations, visibility, and accountability.
  • Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Nurses, Techs, and Management often have different concepts of “room turn”, creating confusion. When does the room turn start and end? What defines “quality” or “complete”?
  • Is performance posted and consistently reviewed by all staff?
  • Are trends monitored and root causes tied to correction plans?

Easy to Say, Hard to Do – Opus can help!

While these concepts sound simple, there is a lot of work in the details. And even the best solutions take expert change management to become reality. We are the experts in making these changes come to life.

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